I’m a photographer based in Kansas who initially secured this web site name with the idea of setting up a directory of California Wedding Photographers. It seems like many wedding photography directories allow photographers to pay for the top “featured” listing, and the photographers are not ranked by skill or user satisfaction. I wanted to set up a site that would rank photographers by skill and user satisfaction.

However, as you can imagine, several problems immediately surfaced:

  • Wedding photography is a very subjective art (what looks good to one person may not look good to another)
  • Professional photographers who aren’t top notch (and again – it would be a subjective determination) would be upset about not being in the listings

So, instead of building a directory I’ve decided to offer the domain for sale.I know there are a lot of domains for sale with ridiculous prices – the good news is that my livelihood isn’t buying and selling domains and I’m selling this one for a reasonable price (less than 1000USD). My background is SEO – in fact, I do more SEO work now than I do photography. That’s why I can say that this would be a great domain for a California wedding photographer to build their web site on. If you are seriously interested in the domain, you can contact me through the Four Point Eleven link below in the footer.

And, if you are looking for wedding photography information, check out the California Wedding Photojournalist Association.